the "sustainable development goals 2030"


In an effort to align our mission and vision, taking on the most pressing universal AGENDA, Children of War Foundation has embarked on a collective journey along side SDG's partners and supporters,  transforming the world, one child, one family, & one community at a time.  Our collective action gives us the network and access to take on several of the 17  Sustainable Development Goals.  

The organization's vision is to continue making substantial impact through various programs and initiatives aligned with the SDG's 2030 and overall mission.  COWF continues to build and draw a global presence through our network & partners, engaging with health care professionals, innovators, educators, private, public, governmental, academic, and institutional entities, from across the globe, mobilizing; medical and educational exchange outreach programs bringing healthcare professionals and educators together for the purpose of knowledge sharing, empowering, and building upon infrastructure needs & opportunities to better of lives of those less fortunate for PEOPLE, PLANET, PROSPERITY, PEACE & PARTNERSHIP.

Furthermore, medical missions and outreach initiatives are a great opportunity to engage, collaborate, learn from each other on an international multinational level, empowering communities to become productive, encouraging economic participation, and cooperatively work together towards healthy and sustainable solutions, whilst, operate on challenging cases and transform lives in regions of need.

As of 2019, COWF has impacted the lives of 11,000+ children in over 40 communities through our SDG's partners by;

- improving clinical capabilities at multiple hospitals and healthcare facilities

- providing medical education workshops, lectures, seminars and symposiums to underrepresented healthcare professionals

- delivering life saving medications, surgical supplies and operating theater equipment

- sponsoring and donating educational supplies & books  in several languages for primary and secondary age students

- mentored over 400 high school and university students through COWF Club outreach programs

- & teaching, shadowing, volunteering, and empowering COWF team members, partners, supporters, and most importantly, our stakeholders

We're transforming lives, join us.  

COWF is a non-profit, non-religious, non-politically affiliated organization that provides medical care to the children that need it regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality and religion. The organization’s ultimate goal is provide access to health care and healthcare education for all children in need globally.  We continue to expand our outreach with COWF's Global Health partnerships, and welcome opportunities to partner with us, contact a team member today. We’re transforming lives, join us. 

Children of War Foundation (COWF) is a registered 501(c)3 non for profit organization based in Los Angeles, with presence and regional outreach in multiple marginalized and developing countries.

Children of War Foundation is organized under the Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes: Los Angeles, California: Children of War Foundation, Registered Non-profit, 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization, Tax ID No. 272685205.