Sara is Jordan based, and heads COWF's remote global health & education programming. As a licensed pharmacist in Jordan and the united kingdom, Sara embarked on her career as a trainee at Hampshire Hospitals in the U.K., where she has managed to complete the licensing requirements to practice pharmacy in the kingdom. After obtaining further experience working as a licensed clinical pharmacist in the UK, in 2019, Sara decided to move back to jordan, her home country, to complete her licensing and certification with the jordanian pharmacy association.

Recently, Sara has been appointed as a senior consultant for life sciences at Ernst & Young; a multinational professional services firm.

On the humanitarian front, sara has always had a passion for voluntary work, and has been an active participant in many charitable organizations in jordan and the uk. Sara is now even more involved with local and international charities, including Children of War Foundation, utilizing her experience and knowledge in pharmacy, to support both, the doctors and patients within the foundation.

Sara holds a Master’s of Pharmacy degree, with honors, from the university of bath in the United Kingdom.Recently, Sara has been appointed as a Senior Consultant for life Sciences At Ernst & Young; A Multinational Professional Services Firm.

On The Humanitarian Front, Sara Has Always Had A Passion For Voluntary Work, And Has Been An Active Participant In Many Charitable Organizations In Jordan And The UK. Sara Is Now Even More Involved With Local And International Charities, Including Children Of War Foundation, Utilizing Her Experience And Knowledge In Pharmacy, To Support Both, The Doctors And Patients Within The Foundation.

Sara Holds A Master’s Of Pharmacy Degree, With Honors, From The University Of Bath In The United Kingdom.