Nadia leads COWF's global health outreach in Jordan, she is a Jordanian-American producer, line producer and field producer of many years locally and internationally, working with mainstream tv and reality tv, as well as various documentary films. Based between Los Angeles and Amman, nadia has extensive experience in humanitarian aid work in addition to production consultancy in underrepresented regions and the mid east, including production, casting, directing, editing, landscape photography, among other entertainment specialties.

She is owner and founder or green bananas productions and sits on the board of children of war foundation. Nadia is active with a number of non-governmental organizations in los angeles and jordan. Nadia is extremely passionate about issues that face our society today, in particular, women’s rights, disability rights, children’s rights, environment, heritage and culture s he believes in using the power of media and film as a tool not only to entertain but also to educate, raise awareness and bring about positive social change. Nadia shares an emmy award with the children's hospital los angeles and children of war foundation on a short documentary, based on the inspiring journey of cowf’s first candidate, an iraqi boy named hashim. Nadia leads cowf's team in jordan along with local team members residing in the region.She Is Owner And Founder Or Green Bananas Productions And Sits On The Board Of Children Of War Foundation. Nadia Is Active With A Number Of Non-governmental Organizations In Los Angeles And Jordan. Nadia Is Extremely Passionate About Issues That Face Our Society Today, In Particular, Women’s Rights, Disability Rights, Children’s Rights, Environment, Heritage And Culture S He Believes In Using The Power Of Media And Film As A Tool Not Only To Entertain But Also To Educate, Raise Awareness And Bring About Positive Social Change. Nadia Shares An Emmy Award With The Children's Hospital Los Angeles And Children Of War Foundation On A Short Documentary, Based On The Inspiring Journey Of Cowf’s First Candidate, An Iraqi Boy Named Hashim. Nadia Leads Cowf's Team In Jordan Along With Local Team Members Residing In The Region.