GLOBAL health coalition

At COWF we believe one of the fundamental elements to lessening the gaps in disparities for better economic and social well-being is having access to equitable healthcare and medical education.  

We strive to eliminate those barriers through COWF's Global Health network, mission & programming.  

Register to join in on COWF's Webinar Series, connecting mentors and mentees.  Share your expertise with disadvantaged healthcare professionals and students.  

Refer a child  in the Mid East east region or African continent, find out more about upcoming surgical outreach or medical education development opportunities, send COWF a message via whatsapp or directly calling  +962 7 9267 5004  

There are many opportunities to volunteer, sponsor, contribute and or join our team in Amman, Jordan, mid east region and surrounding African continent, serving displaced/ impoverished children and health professionals.

Visit with a team member or a local COWF affiliated facility by contacting us at 

We are located @ Princess Tharwat street Juwana center building #7 second floor #125 Amman-Jordan


Support COWF's surgical outreach in Haiti alongside affiliated university and hospital institutions with an ongoing partnership at the only trauma center at Port au Prince's Hospital Bernard Mevs.  

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