COWF & Womenone Africa Outreach

COWF Global Health Accelerator & Clinic

Africa launch location | Nanyuki, Kenya

30 acres Sustainable Development project on the base of Mount Kenya, development project to build a campus with a COWF Global Health Incubator and Clinic (clinic, research, educational resource and programming under one roof), designed by David Adjaye, with multiple partners, including WomenOne and Simama Project.

In Development :

  • Planning of design and allocation of partnerships

  • Case for support proposal and concept planning, business model

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A COWF Global Coalition initiative in partnership with WomenOne &  Simama Project Campus

In coordination with multiple partners and supporters we envision a 30acre campus that provides Nanyuki and the greater community with access to holistic services for healthcare, medical education, primary, secondary & vocational education as well as opportunities to economic wellbeing through various program services and interventions.

WomenOne takes a human rights-based approach to women’s and girls’ education, focusing on enabling women and girls to pursue their right to education by eliminating the barriers they face as well as ensuring activities and programs are innovative, evidence-based and sustainable.

The Simama Project empowers children and youth in Nanyuki, Kenya to move off the streets and into the classroom by removing the daily barriers to opportunity through our comprehensive “whole child” model of support.

Partners and Leadership Board in Development 

Matt Orcutt

Founder of Simama Project 

David Adjaye

Founder Adjaye Associates 


Partner, Advise, Intern, Volunteer, help drive our mission and vision. 

Learn more about opportunities to get involved and the support required to develop COWF’s Global Health Incubator and Clinic in Nanyuki, contact us at

Proposed Master Plan - Simama Project


  • Children of War Foundation "COWF Accelerator and Clinic" located at entrance of campus (Area = 14,475 SFT)

  • The WomenOne Center of Worth (Area =16,090 SFT)

  • The WomenOne Enterpreneurial Center and Workshops (Area - 23,430 SFT)

  • Sports Centre (Area - 65, 280 SFT)

  • Visitors Lodging (Area = 12, 860 SFT)

  • Eco-Resort and Hospitality training grounds (Area = 33,365 SFT)

  • Agricultural training grounds (Area = 262, 400 SFT)

  • Animal Husbandry Grounds (Area = 17,650 SFT)

  • Staff Quarters(Area = 12, 375 SFT)

  • Storage (Area = 10,545 SFT)

  • Simama Transition Home (Area = 31, 535 SFT)

  • Commercial Area (Area = 8,350 SFT)