Children of War Foundation provides donated surgery, medical aid and post-operative care to any child living with a physical deformity, ailment or injury that cannot be treated in their home country.

With the help of various institutions and organizations such as Shriners Hospital for Children Los Angeles, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Operation Smile, University of Southern California, Royal Medical Services of Jordan, among others. COWF is able to connect its candidates with some of the finest surgeons in the United States and abroad. Children that cannot be transported to the U.S. for treatment will be considered as a candidate for one of the organization’s international missions, where medical teams travel abroad and address multiple cases throughout the duration of their visit.

In addition to providing medical and surgical care to children in need, Children of War Foundation also provides virtual consulting, diagnosing, referrals, conducts international searches for eligible children with long term surgical needs, supervises the legal necessities of transporting them to the United States, prepares all travel arrangements, and searches for nurturing accommodations in the U.S. while treatment is being administered.

Children of War Foundation thrives on the help of donors, sponsors, partners and volunteers.

Children of War Foundation is a non-profit, non-politically affiliated organization that provides medical care to the children that need it regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality and religion. The organization’s ultimate goal is for the day to come when our services are no longer required by those in need, until that day comes we will continue to work relentlessly to help one child at time.

Children of War Foundation is organized under the Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes: Beverly Hills, California: Children of War Foundation, Registered Non-profit, 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization, Tax ID No. 272685205.

Children of War Foundation

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Email. info@cowf.org