Global Health Care & Health Education

Since 2010, Children Of War Foundation has empowered underserved communities by providing medical care, training to health care professionals and access to preventative health education, impacting the lives of thousands of children. To date, COWF transformed nearly 2000 children with specialized surgical care and over 5000 children who have been referred, diagnosed and or consulted via our network. We’ve also improved pediatric surgical care and health education at seven existing hospitals and clinics and have implemented sustainable programs that will continue to educate local community leaders and doctors in regions of need. Our Global Health network, allows for access to health care and preventative health education, comprising of nearly 25,000 health care professionals, globally.  COWF's health care network continues to expand with the support of  MediShare Project, MedGEO and out partners worldwide.

While on medical missions, COWF also provides and donates medical equipment, tools and supplies, most of which are left behind for long-term usage with local health care professionals at health care facilities. 

Surgical care is 100% free, our team members and medical professionals provide services while receiving no compensation. The organization's vision for the future is to continue to partner and engage with health care professionals and communities from across the globe, mobilizing medical missions that bring in specialized surgeons and health care educators for the purpose of educating, providing humanitarian aid and empowering communities .  Furthermore, medical missions are a great opportunity to engage, collaborate, learn from each other, empower communities to become productive, healthy and sustainable, operate on challenging cases and transform lives in regions of need.

COWF's collaborative efforts draws global awareness and visibility to regions of the world where educators, health care professionals and community leaders come together, learn, and portray humanitarian collaboration as an advocate for health, education, peace, solidarity, and hope.  COWF strives to empower individuals and their communities.

Volunteer, Contribute or Join our team in Amman, Jordan 

Send us an email at team@cowf.org 


Mid East Outreach in Partnership with MediShareProject Princess Tharwat Street Juwana Center Building #7 Second Floor #125 Amman-Jordan


Mission Haiti in partnership with Hospital Bernard Mevs & MediShare Project 

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, ravished by natural disasters and poverty. Children of War Foundation embarked on the first mission to Haiti in November 2016, providing specialized surgical treatment, supplies, equipment and medication.

 Mission Haiti is now an ongoing medical mission in partnership with Hospital Bernard Mevs, MediShareProject & several orphanages and rural clinics.  Help us build sustainable healthcare facilities, educate, create jobs and save lives.


Our clinic is located at;

Hospital Bernard Mevs

Port Au Prince, Haiti