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mission haiti


Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, ravished by natural disasters and poverty.  Children of War Foundation embarked on the first mission to Haiti in November 2016, providing specialized surgical treatment, supplies, equipment and medication. Mission Haiti is now an ongoing medical mission in partnership with Hospital Bernard Mevs, Medi Share Project & COWF in Port Au Prince.

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Since 2013, Children Of War Foundation Has Had A Major Impact On The Lives Of Many Children While On Medical Missions, Transforming The Lives Of Nearly 900 Children Abroad With Specialized Surgical Care, As Well As Over 2400 Children Who Have been Referred, Diagnosed And Consulted. We’ve Also Improved Pediatric Surgical Care At Three Existing Hospitals And Have Implemented Sustainable Programs That Will Continue To Educate Local Doctors In Regions Of Need. While On Medical Missions, Cowf Also Provides Medical Equipment And Supplies, Most Of Which Are Left Behind For Long-term Usage With Local Doctors And Hospitals. Surgical Care Is 100% Free, Our Team Members And Medical Professionals Provide Services While Receiving No Compensation. The Organization's Vision For The Future Is To Continue To Partner With Countries From Across The Globe In Annual Medical Missions That Would Bring In Specialized Surgeons From All Over The World. This Is A Great Opportunity To Collaborate, Operate On Challenging Cases And Transform Children’s Lives In Various Regions. In Addition, This Would Draw Global Visibility To Regions Of The World Where Physicians Are Coming To Work Together, Learn, And Portray Humanitarian Collaboration As An Advocate For Health, Medical Education, Peace, Solidarity, And A Beacon Of Light For All To Learn From While Providing Transformative Care.

We’re always recruiting specialized medical professionals or academically affiliated surgeons, contact us at for information on how you can join us on a medical mission or treat children who are transported for long-term surgical care in the U.S.  

Our Mission

Children of War Foundation's mission is to provide access to donated transformative surgical care to children living with a physical deformity or injuries that cannot be treated in their home country.


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