How We Started


Children of War Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non for profit organization based in Los Angeles, with chapters in several developing countries.  COWF provides access to donated surgery, sustainable aid, health care education and post-operative care to any child living with a physical deformity, ailment, congenital anomaly or injury that cannot be treated in their home country. With the help of various institutions and organizations including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, MediShareProject, Shriners Hospital for Children Los Angeles, Operation Smile, Royal Medical Services of Jordan, Hospital Mevs Bernard Haiti, University of Southern California, UNHCR and among others, our network continues to expand. 


In addition to providing sustainable aid, surgical care and health education to children while on medical missions and subsequent clinical follow-up, Children of War Foundation also provides access to virtual consulting, primary & secondary consults, diagnosing, referrals and health education via a supporting partner, MediShareProject alongside access to COWF's Global Health network. (#MediShareProject) 


With our partners in Global Health, access to providers and academically affiliated health professionals from leading institutions, including USC, Emory, Harvard, Stanford, UCSD, UCLA, Miami Jackson, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern, MGH, among many other providers, allows for collective action in the fight for equal access to healthcare and health education.  Our partnerships, advisory and network, enables our organization to connect and consult children and communities in need, with some of the finest surgeons and health care professionals globally, the impact is far reaching.


Additionally, COWF takes on extreme, life threatening and or complex cases for eligible children, including, supervising the legal necessities of transporting them to the United States, prepare all travel arrangements and required travel documentation, and searches for nurturing accommodations in the U.S., while long term treatment is being administered.  Many of our cases have been published, learn more by contacting info@cowf.org 


Children that cannot be transported to the U.S. for follow-up or surgical treatment will be considered as a COWF candidate for one of the organization’s international missions, where academically affiliated surgeons and support team, comprised of multiple speciality disciplines, travel abroad and address multiple cases throughout the duration of their visit.  To further our reach, we are more than happy to refer children to other organizations and or affiliates within our network for help in our absence.  


Children of War Foundation is a non-profit, non-religious, non-politically affiliated organization that provides medical care to the children that need it regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality and religion. The organization’s ultimate goal is provide access to health care and healthcare education for all children in need globally.


We’re transforming lives, join us. 


Contact a team member at info@cowf.org for more information on how to join COWF's Global Health network through our partner MediShare Project. 


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Children of War Foundation is organized under the Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes: Beverly Hills, California: Children of War Foundation, Registered Non-profit, 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization, Tax ID No. 272685205.